March 18, 2017

Staffing Effective Brand Ambassadors

Staffing Effective Brand Ambassadors

Staffing effective brand ambassadors is key to running an effective experimental marketing campaign. However, recruiting and staffing effective brand ambassadors is not a simple task. There are literally hundreds of thousands of brand ambassadors to choose from in the marketplace today yet only a fraction would be considered effective brand ambassadors while also having the availability to work your event. Then there is the issues of managing the human resource aspects of your brand ambassadors, which is becoming evermore difficult. So how do marketing directors and managers recruit and staff effective brand ambassadors for their experiential marketing campaigns?

Staffing Effective Brand Ambassadors With An Event Staffing Agency

The most obvious choice for staffing effective brand ambassadors is to retain the services of an experienced, national staffing agency. By doing so, you can focus on the core objectives and goals of your experiential marketing campaign. Your national event staffing agency will focus on delivering your marketing message through their database of effective brand ambassadors.

You also won’t have to worry about any of the stringent, human resource issues that may arise when attempting to staff a group of brand ambassadors internally. Your national staffing agency partner takes all of these risks and responsibilities off you and your organizations shoulders. They administer all of the numerous staffing-related items themselves and are experts in ensuring accuracy, training and compliance.

Staffing Effective Brand Ambassador Internally

The second option for staffing effective brand ambassadors for your experiential marketing campaigns is to undertake the task yourself internally. It is vital that your organization has the needed human resource expertise if you choose to go this route. This will ensure a smooth process that is compliant with all federal, state and local laws and regulations.

The first step to staffing effective brand ambassadors is to recruit on a wide-range of job-related boards available on the web. You must write engaging and exciting job descriptions to ensure that you receive applications to the posted position. Once you start receiving interest in the posted position, you must then short list each candidate based on their specific qualifications.

Next, you must setup appointments to interview each shortlisted candidate to gauge their effectiveness and value to your campaign. Effective brand ambassadors must be super social, able to think quickly, and be passionate about what they are marketing. Brand ambassadors should also be able to stand for long periods of times while remaining energetic.

Worker Classification: W2 or Independent Contractor?

After the interview and selection process is complete, you must begin to on-board each brand ambassador internally. This is one of the most important parts of the entire process. Do you retain their services as an independent contractor or as a W2 employee? How many hours will your brand ambassadors work? In what state(s) and localities will they be providing services? What benefits, such as health, retirement or paid time off, are your brand ambassadors entitled to?  What forms should you require them to complete and return to you? How will they report their work and related hours to you? How do you ensure what was reported is true and accurate?

Recently, the Department of Labor has been cracking down on employers as well as staffing agencies for the misclassification of their resources. This has led to massive, unneeded fines and fees both on the federal and state levels. Additionally, with the thousands of state and locally-based laws that currently exist, it is extremely important to ensure proper on-boarding, management and administration processes are adhered to for all your brand ambassadors.

This is one of the main reasons why many organizations choose to partner with a national staffing agency such as Outloud Marketing. National event staffing agencies are well-verse in the entire on-boarding process for brand ambassadors. They ensure that all federal, state and local laws and regulations are adhered to.  Furthermore, national staffing agencies have large databases of effective brand ambassadors specifically for experiential marketing campaigns.

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