April 17, 2017

Street Team Marketing Done Right

Street Team Marketing Done Right

Street team marketing is an excellent way to directly interact with consumers while gauging public interest at the same time. However, conducting effective street team marketing campaigns can be a very difficult challenge. That’s why so many organizations choose Outloud Marketing for the implementation and management of their street team marketing needs. From planning, staffing, training, logistics, procurement, management and overall campaign execution, we get street team marketing done right.

Effective street team marketing campaigns must be able to capture consumers attention in a way that is positive and memorable. It is critical to maintain the public’s interest while delivering a compelling brand message focused on core principals. That’s why various things must be put into place in order to achieve optimal results.

Determine Street Team Marketing Campaign Goals

Street teams often act independently from each other due to different activation locations. Furthermore, the reputation of your company and respective brand(s) are in their hands. That’s why it’s extremely important to clarify the overall goals of your campaign from the start.

Staff Your Street Team Marketing Groups

It’s absolutely critical to build an experienced and well-qualified group of experiential marketing professionals. By doing so, you will increase the likelihood that you meet or exceed your overall campaigns goals. Every member of your street team should be familiar with street team marketing so the entire team excels. They should attract others with charm, project a professional presence, maintain neatness with their appearance, and of course work together as a team.

Train Your Street Team Marketing Members

Once you fully staff your street teams you must then properly train them. Start by creating an informative training manual that details the campaigns goals, strategies, policies and procedures. Next, conduct a formal training class before the initiation of the campaign. Lastly, test the knowledge of each street team member to ensure full awareness and understanding of the campaign.

Procure Premium Marketing Collateral

You must procure the right collateral that will drive the overall campaign message for your campaign to be successful. Items such as call-to-action flyers, product samplings and premium promotional giveaways are critical to campaign success. Also, street teams should be provided with branded apparel, such as shirts and hats, that entice consumers and start conversations.

Activate Your Street Team Marketing Campaign(s)

Make sure to stress the following important action items when it’s time to activate your campaign. We all know that social media influences consumer behavior in so many different ways. That’s why it’s vitally important for street teams to do their best driving social interactions in the digital world. For example, entice consumers with premium promotional giveaways in return for social media interactions. This will only drive the overall performance of any street team marketing campaign. Street teams should also maintain awareness to their environment and surroundings. Ensure your street teams keep their space clean and that trash is picked up and disposed of properly.

Recap & Review With Your Street Teams

Last but not least, it’s absolutely vital to recap each street team marketing campaign. Evaluate what was effective, what wasn’t, and what could have been done better. By doing so, the results of future street team marketing campaigns will yield higher success rates that drives organizational growth.

Let Us Help You Build the Perfect Street Team

Outloud Marketing is a leading experiential marketing and event staffing agency that specializes in street team marketing. We have years of experience building the street teams for organizations that include Comcast, Yelp, PetSmart, and MetroPCS.

If you’re interested in launching street team marketing campaigns and drive the influence of your brand(s), we’d love to help. Click here to contact us today or give us a call at 866-760-4949.

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